Food Reads

New Zealand has some great food writers. Featured here are New Zealand magazines, books and cookbooks by New Zealand authors. Some items are available for sale on TradeMe

Cuisine Magazine

Cuisine magazine has been around since the 1980’s so they are tried and trusted.

I have back copies (used, but still very glossy) for sale on TradeMe.

Garth Hokianga’s Kitchen

This book, published in 1994, was ahead of its time. Chef Garth Hokianga wants food to be delicious and also good for his body and boost his energy. He has spent years experimenting with ingredients and has been amazed at the benefits good food has on your health.

Using natural ingredients, herbal extracts and some raw food, Garth has created a unique collection of recipes to revitalise your body, cleanse and improve digestion and keep you energised and healthy.

Available on TradeMe.