Glossary and other

Cross-Sectional Study

Looking at a group of people at one point in time.  Considered the lowest level of evidence and can only recognise associations

New Zealand Dietary Guidelines

The Eating and Activity Guidelines for New Zealand Adults provides evidence-based population health advice on healthy eating and being physically active.

Nutritrack Database

The Nutritrack database tracks labelling, ingredients and nutrient composition of New Zealand packaged food and beverage products over time. Data is collected annually from four supermarkets representing two major supermarket retailers in New Zealand. The data is linked to the Nielsen Homescan market research panel and covers over 100,000 products since 2013. Trained field staff systematically collect information on product nutrition composition, ingredients and labelling using photographs and a tailored smart-phone application instore. Product details are kept on a secure online database. The accuracy of the data is quality checked in a random sample of 15% of products.

Randomised controlled trial

The intervention is trialed on study groups.  One group is the control group and receives no treatment.  Trial participants are randomly assigned to a study group and ideally, not aware of which intervention they are receiving (blinded).  Considered a high level of evidence.

The “GRADE” quality of evidence

Study types and hierarchy of evidence

Sugar Classifications

Sugar definitions